Tips and Tricks #1

Some brief, weekly posts to give you guys something to work on and explore.
You could also take these ideas further and not only try them yourself but find new methods; make sure you post them below as this blog should also be an innovative idea-sharing forum.

Anyways, here is your post (hope you enjoy!)

Practice doesn't make Perfect 

A common mistake is to grab your camera and use it only on special occasions (vacations, family outings, etc). Some say practice makes perfect: I don't.

Practice makes better, but Learning makes for Prodigious Growth
Sometimes just going for a walk and grabbing your camera can be unproductive, but picking up your camera and then going out for a brief, fifteen minute stroll with a few tips in mind will help you. Read a manual, or make one yourself (using your own experience as well as research) and give yourself some things to look for. By doing so you're not relying on lucky snaps, but rather on actual technique which can then transform into a talent.
Then the key thing is to learn from these experiences, not only by getting used to trying out the techniques you have been learning but also the sheer experience and enthusiasm of finding capturing that moment.

The Odd Moment

Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where you want to take a snap of something, but you can achieve that by taking the picture from a queer position or place. Sometimes it's just being afraid to do things because they stand out or not wanting to seem like a show-off. Don't be afraid to get close ups, if you miss that opportunity then you probably won't get it back. 

This is all for now, See you later my dear Photographer 

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